Recommendations to see at home (VI)


Series and films that have been filmed in Barcelona

Fifth week of confinement and here we have the fifth round of our recommendations to make these difficult days a little better. Each week we offer you a compilation of these recommendations we make via social media every day. They are movies and television series, programs, documentaries, and different audiovisuals. You can see them open or on various paid platforms. All of them have filmed in our city.




  • The miniseries Matar al padre is directed by Mar Coll with Gonzalo de Castro, Paulina García, Marcel Borrás, Greta Fernández, Pol López, Leonardo Salerni, Jordi Pérez and Rachel Lascar. It is a dramatic comedy about the existential crisis of a very particular father and you can see it on Movistar +.
  • A Slovak version of Red Bracelets has recently premiered. A series by Albert Espinosa directed by Pau Freixas. It is about friendship, the spirit of self-improvement, and the will to live of a group of sick young people. If you want to see the original, the successful series of Tv3 is available à la carte
  • Hache is a serie set in Barcelona in the 1960s. Helena, a young prostitute, begins to work as a pawn for a dangerous heroin dealer named Malpica and is learning what it takes to move up the organization and gain control of it. Starring Adriana Ugarte, Javier Rey and Eduardo Noriega and created by Verónica Fernández. You can watch this series on Netflix.
  • The tv series Boca Norte. Directed by Dani de la Orden and Elena Trapé. The protagonist is Andrea, a teenager from uptown. Forced by circumstances, she arrives in a humble neighborhood of Barcelona. To help with her adaptation, her father forces her to attend the Boca Norte cultural center. There, she meets a group of young people who deal with their daily problems composing songs and creating choreographies. You can see this series on playz.
  • Cançó per a tu is a tv movie with the Barcelona of the 60s as a set. Laia is a law student who composes songs. She lives during the anti-Franco struggle. And of course, there is a love story involved. You can see it on tv3 a la carte
  • The movie Boi is the story of a young chauffeur who is going through a difficult time. He leads two clients through Barcelona and ends up involved in their mysterious business. Interpreted by Bernat Quintana. You can see it on Netflix.
  • All about my mother is already a movie classic, starring Cecilia Roth. This movie has filmed in our city. Pedro Almodóvar won at the Goyas, Cannes and the Oscars awards. You can see it on Filmin.
  • If you want to (re) discover Barcelona from home. Cinema en curs offers 20 shorts where you will see the history of neighborhoods such as Trinitat Nova or El Carmel; the secrets of the Macba; crafts (luthier, bookbinder, forge); the struggles in the Poblenou factories and much more. You can see it here.