Recommendations to see at home (IV)


Series and films that have been filmed in Barcelona

Fourth week of confinament an fourth round of our recommendations to make these difficult days a little better. Each week we have a compilation of the recommendations we make via social media of movies and television series, programs, documentaries and various audiovisuals that can be seen open or on various paid platforms and that have filmed or recorded in our city.




  • The series El día de Mañana by Mariano Barroso with Oriol Pla and Aura Garrido as protagonists. You can see it on Movistar +.
  • Josep Maria Benet i Jornet has left us, the playwright created the first great soap opera on TV3, Poblenou. You can see it here
  • These days of confinement, it may be useful to watch the tv3 program L'ofici de viure, which offers the viewers tools to manage their moods and avoid emotional ups and downs. You can see it here.
  • The Sitges Festival offers a short film every day to liven up this confinement. You can see it here.
  • The movie Yo la busco is Sara Gutiérrez's first film. Nominated for best film at the Gaudí Awards. You can see it on Filmin.
  • Sense ficció by TV3 premiered this week Gent del barri, a documentary of its own production that analyzes the current situation of the Poblenou neighborhood, in the process of change, through the stories of some of its neighbors. You can see it here.
  • TVE on its page Somos cine offers free and open films, some shot in Barcelona. You can see them here.
  • The Korean series Memories of the Alhambra was also shot in our city. It can be seen on Netflix.
  • La família Barris  takes a tour of the neighborhoods of our city. You can see this program in betevé.

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