Recommendations to see at home (II)


Series and films that have been filmed in Barcelona

Second round of our recommendations to make these difficult days a little better. Each week we have a compilation of the recommendations we make via social media of movies and television series, programs, documentaries and various audiovisuals that can be seen open or on various paid platforms and that have filmed or recorded in our city.



  • All season of the succesful Merlí, a tv3 original series. À la carte here
  • Tv3 true crime program Crims double chapter this week here.
  • You can see all the episodes of the thriller Sé quién eres, the tv series by Telecinco, here.
  • The film La dona del segle is online at tv3 on demand here. Directed by Sílvia Quer with Elena Martín as protagonist.
  • The literary tv program Página 2 of La 2 by TVE interviews this week the writer Hernán Díaz here.
  • The film Hogar with Javier Gutiérrez and Mario Casas has been released this week via Netflix.
  • Va passar aquí is a betevé history program with curiosities and stories about our city. You can see it here.
  • The multi-award winning film Daughter of a Thief by Belén Funes and starring Greta and Eduard Fernández can be seen on Filmin here.
  • The TV series Bany Compartit is a sitcom starring four girls who share a flat. You can see it on TVE à la carte here.
  • The two seasons of the comedy Mira lo que has hecho starring Berto Romero and Eva Ugarte as new parents can be seen on Movistar + here.


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