Recommendations to see at home (I)


Series and films that have been filmed in Barcelona

To make these difficult days a little better, each week we have a compilation of the recommendations we make via social media of movies and television series, programs, documentaries and various audiovisuals that can be seen open or on various paid platforms and that have filmed or recorded in our city.





  • The tv series La fossa. You can see it at tv3 on demand here.
  • You can see Leticia Dolera's Perfect Life series on Movistar plus.
  • The tv3 Crims docufiction program can be viewed on demand here. 
  • The tv3 series Benvinguts a la família starring Melanie Olivares can be viewed à la carte here.
  • The literary program Página 2 by La 2 interviews the writer Ana Merino. You can see it on demand here.
  • The tv movie L'enigma Verdaguer by tv3 can be seen on demand here.
  • The second season of the YouTube Originals series Impulse was filmed in our city. You can see both open here.
  • Oh My Goig!,a series of betevé made by young people and for young people and that you can see here.
  • The movie Sunday's illness, among other cities, was also shot in Barcelona, and can be seen on Netflix.



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