The program 'La recepta perduda' films in Barcelona


The actress Sílvia Abril is the presenter

The program La recepta perduda has already premiered on La 2 of RTVE Catalunya. Led by Sílvia Abril, it takes a tour of the Catalan towns to rescue from oblivion all those traditional recipes that have given identity to the villages of Catalonia. In each chapter, Sílvia Abril will visit a different town to meet its residents, their traditional products and reveal curiosities linked to the cooking, which only a few already know. The program has also filmed in our city.

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PERE VILA: “Now you’re a computer specialist rather than an operator. The magic of cinema has been completely lost. Now you don’t have the projectionist always in the box, looking to see whether the film’s in focus, if it breaks, if anything happens.”

This month we interview Pere Vila, a cinema projectionist who talks to us about his work, which is endangered, and about the changes the sector has undergone with the arrival of digital technologies. Vila was born in 1951 in Molins de Rei and has always worked in cinema projection. He moreover has an audiovisual company called Pere Vila Audiovisuals S.L. which offers all kinds of services related to audiovisual projections.


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