'POLVO SERÁN' films in Barcelona


The new film by Carlos Marqués-Marcet

This film is a musical tragicomedy starring Ángela Molina, Alfredo Castro, and Mònica Almirall about the decision to die and its consequences.

Written by Carlos Marqués-Marcet himself, together with Clara Roquet and Coral Cruz, the original soundtrack is by the artist, singer, and composer María Arnal, and the choreographies by the La Veronal dance company. Filming takes place during the months of October, November, and December in various locations in Barcelona, the Italian Alps, and Switzerland. Polvo serán is a production of Lastor Media, Alina Film (Switzerland) and Kino Produzioni (Italy).

When Claudia decides that she does not want to wait for the disease to ruin her body, her partner, Flavio, who has not separated from her in the last forty years, puts into motion their old plan to end their life together in Switzerland thanks to the help from a voluntary assisted dying association. Meanwhile, her daughter Violeta becomes the involuntary mediator between her parents and everything they leave behind while she tries to find her place in this story of unconditional love.

Photo: Giulia Palaia


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