The new shooting of 'Don Quijote de Barcelona'


The film returns to the city

Don Quijote de Barcelona films again in our city. It is the story of Olli Koskela (55) and Lluc Samper (41) - two vagabonds who live on the streets of central Barcelona and who suffer from mental health problems. Throughout almost a year they accompany these two characters in their adventures and misadventures, even though the story never romanticizes life on the street. The street is the last stop from which it is difficult to get out.

It stars Juha Kukkonen and Raúl Llopart. Vegetarian Films (Finland) and Mago Production (Spain) produce the film. Don Quijote de Barcelona was filmed in some of the most emblematic streets of Barcelona. Jarmo Lampela directs. This March, they filmed the third and last part of the movie, which was also filmed between January 2022, April 2022, and March 2023. They shot with a small technical and artistic team. In this latest filming, they have had the presence of actors such as Marc Clotet, Anabel Moreno, and Joan Bentallé, among others.