New department against abuses in the audiovisual and performing arts sector


Created by the Catalan Film Academy

After detecting approximately 150 cases of abuse in the sector in Catalonia in the last two years, the Catalan Film Academy created The Department against abuses in the audiovisual and performing arts sector. Based on the sources consulted (journalists and lawyers), a small part of these abuses become a complaint. This reality evidences the lack of specialized advice that the victims encounter. And on many occasions, their loneliness and the non-identification of the abuse suffered.

Given this fact, and the lack of precise data on the subject, the Catalan Film Academy, with the support of the Barcelona City Council's Social Rights, Global Justice, Feminism, and LGTBI area and the Diputació's Equality and Social Sustainability area of Barcelona, has created this Department pioneer in the entire State and also in Europe.

The department has three lines of action:

  • Legal and psychological care for victims and witnesses: Anyone who has been a victim or witness of a case of abuse or harassment can use the phone and email enabled for such cases. There, they will receive initial advice from a psychologist or a lawyer if it's necessary.
  • Prevention: Through the development of a specific protocol for the audiovisual and performing arts sector, drafted by the Department of Equality and Feminism of the Generalitat of Catalonia. And through training and awareness activities.
  • Observatory: Systematizing data that helps carry out a study and an assessment of the situation within the sector.


Contact: 648 526 848

Telephone service on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. By whatsapp and/or email, reply within 48 hours.

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