Neus Ballús finishes filming ‘Seis días corrientes’


A comedy with non-professional actors

Filming of director Neus Ballús' first comedy, after La plaga and Staff Only, was interrupted by the COVID-19 crisis. But now it has finally been possible to finish with all the necessary security measures. The director wrote the script with Margarita Melgar (pseudonym under which the writers Montse Ganges and Ana Sanz-Magallón hide).

Produced by Miriam Porté, for Distinto Films and El Kinògraf, Seis días corrientes combines fiction with a documentary. The film explores the life for a week of Valero, Moha, and Pep, three workers at a small plumbing and electricity company on the outskirts of Barcelona. They are all non-professional actors who play themselves and have had to combine the film with their regular work. The film will have six chapters, each for each day of their workweek. And will deal with the relationship between the protagonists and their clientele.

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