Nely Reguera ends shooting 'El nieto'


Filmed in Barcelona in December and now in July

Director Nely Reguera's new film shot indoors in Barcelona in December, six weeks left in Greece and in July again in Barcelona. Tired of her retirement life, and of comparing herself with her friends who are her grandmothers, Marisa (Carmen Machi) decides to travel to a Greek refugee camp where, in her opinion, they need people exactly like her. Upon arriving there, she discovers a reality that she could not have imagined and that leads her to explore the boundaries between love and the need to feel useful.

Carmen Machi is the protagonist of El nieto alongside Itsaso Arana, Arnau Comas, Dèlia Brufau, Yohan Levy and Henrietta Rauth. The Greek part of the shoot was specifically in the Malakasa Refugee Camp (Athens). El nieto is a Fasten Films, BTeam Pictures and Homemade Films production.

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