'Moebius' shoots in Barcelona


A new TV3 fiction

During February, this series, which began to shoot in January, has shot some scenes in our city. Created by Eduard Cortés, also the director, and Piti Español, the series consists of 10 45-minute episodes. Moebius has shot mostly in Caldes de Montbui and other natural settings. Aida Oset is the protagonist, along with Andrew Tarbet, Bea Segura, Roger Casamajor, Lluís Villanueva, and Victòria Pagès, among others.

Moebius is a thriller about a case involving a student from La Farga high school. It seems a quiet village in inland Catalonia, but it has its secrets. Mamen, the new math teacher, begins an investigation of the mystery on her account. Soon, she will bring to the light long-buried secrets in the village. Moebius is a co-production between Veranda TV and TV3, with the participation of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat.

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