'Miró' shoots in Barcelona


Biopic of the famous painter

This TV movie is a production by Setmàgic Audiovisual in co-production with TV3. It has the participation of IB3 and the support of the ICEC. Directed by Oriol Ferrer and starring Edu Lloveras, Pau Roca, Aida Folch, and Òscar Rabadan, among others.

Miró wants to discover who is behind the great painter and creator that Joan Miró was. This biopic is the story of a discreet, silent, and tenacious young man. He must emigrate from a gray and conservative Barcelona to a Paris in full cultural effervescence. There, he will make himself known. Those were years full of wars. Miró is a young man who has dedicated his life to finding a place to express himself with his art.

Filming has begun inside the mythical Marsella Bar on Sant Pau street, which has become Paris, and a meeting point for surrealist artists.

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