Meetings of the Projecte Arxipèlag 2020


La Mostra de Dones reveals some of its programming

Projecte Arxipèlag begins a new edition with three encounters around filmmakers Dorothy Arzner, Margaret Tait and Marta Rodríguez. The first encounter will be on March 19th at 7 pm in La Bonne where Marta Armengou will introduce us to the filmography of Dorothy Arzner, who was a director with a very prolific filmography that covers the golden age of Hollywood classicism and the Studio System. On April 2nd, Diana Toucedo will introduce Margaret Tait, an independent artist, who worked in avant-garde cinema, art and poetry. And finally, Laia Manresa will present the filmography of Marta Rodríguez, Colombian director of documentaries always with the indigenous communities as protagonists.

In this third edition, Dones Visuals joins the project. The meetings are free, but they require prior registration. More information here.




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