Mateo Gil Shoots Project Lazarus


The screenwriter of films like Agora and The Sea Inside is filming in Barcelona his second feature film, after shooting Blackthorn.

Project Lazarus

Mateo Gil is the screenwriter and director who, after sharing several screenplays with Alejandro Amenábar such as Agora and The Sea Inside, directed Blackthorn (2011). Now, this Canarian, works on the Lazarus Project, a science fiction story that takes place in 2074 about the resurrection of a cryogenically frozen man for 60 years.

This film is an Arcadia Motion Pictures production in co-operation with other European production companies and the Spanish Television and starring Barry Ward, Tom Hughes, Oona Chaplin and Chartlotte Le Bon. The project has a 5,5M € budget and the shooting will take place between Barcelona and the Canary Islands until early February.


Blackthorn - Official Trailer



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