Adaptation of the novel by Milena Busquets

The protagonists of this film are Marina Salas, Carlos Cuevas, Susi Sánchez, Borja Espinosa, Sara Espígul, Andrea Trepat, Carles Francino, David Menéndez, and the Italian actor Moisé Curia, among others. María Ripoll directs. También esto pasará tells the story of a particular duel. The film is a joyful, fun, and bright reflection of the dissipated life of Blanca, who decides to take refuge in her house in Cadaqués to spend the summer after having recently lost her mother, whom she still leans on and with whom she still thinks she can talk.

Morena Films, Evafilms, La Gauche Divine A.I.E, and the Italian production company Rosamont produce the film based on the acclaimed novel of the same name by Milena Busquets.

También esto pasará is co-written by Olga Iglesias and Maria Ripoll and features original music by Maria Rodés. The film was shot in Cadaqués, Barcelona, and other Catalan locations and is a production with the participation of RTVE and Amazon Prime Video.

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