Luis Bermejo and Adriana Ozores shoot 'Norbert(a)' in Barcelona


A comedy by Sonia Escolano and Belén López Albert

 Norbert(a) is a family comedy with dramatic overtones and an LGTBIQ+ background. Sonia Escolano, who also signed the script, and Belén López Albert are the directors. It stars Luis Bermejo, Adriana Ozores, Mariona Terés, and María Romanillos. Complete the cast Adelfa Calvo, Carme Balagué, María Lanau, Ramon Agirre, Xavier Deltell, and César Tormo.

Norberto has spent a lifetime with María. They are humble, from the neighborhood, and from time to time robbers. But Norberto needs to take a turn to feel alive, free, and to be herself. An unexpected confession will jeopardize his entire life.

Norbert(a) is produced by Imposible Films and Norbertafilm AIE, with the participation of RTVE, with the support of the ICAA and Televisió de Catalunya. Filmax will distribute it in theaters.


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