'Libertad' shoots in Barcelona


Clara Roquet's first feature

For six weeks, different locations in Catalonia, including Barcelona, ​​will host the shooting of the movie Libertad. Debut in the feature film by Clara Roquet. Among the protagonists of the film we find Vicky Peña and Nora Navas, along with María Rodríguez Soto, Carol Hurtado, David Selvas, Óscar Muñóz, Sergi Torrecilla and Mathilde Legrand. In addition of the debut of María Morera and Nicolle García, in the roles of Nora and Libertad.

The Vidal family spends the vacations with their grandmother Ángela, who has a very advanced Alzheimer's disease. For the first time in her life, Nora, 14, feels she cannot find her place: neither with the children nor with the adults. Everything changes with the arrival of Libertad, the 15-year-old daughter of Rosana, the Colombian woman who takes care of her grandmother. Both will become friends quickly and the rebel and magnetic Libertad will make Nora live a different summer in which they will discover a new world full of freedom.

Libertad is a film produced by Lastor Media and Avalon PC, and co-produced by Bulletproof Cupid (Belgium), with the support of TV3, MEDIA, ICAA, TVE and Movistar +.

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