'Les Histoires d’Anouk' shoots in Barcelona


French romantic comedy

The French production company My Fantasy (a subsidiary specializing in fiction of the production company 2P2L) has shot Les Histoires d'Anouk in Barcelona with the help of JAJA Film, an advertising and film production company, which has acted as a service. This romantic comedy is directed by Jaques Kluger and Marion Michau and stars Bérengère Krief and Noémie Chicheportiche, among others. This film is the adaptation of the successful novel iLove by the writer and co-director of the same Marion Michau and will be broadcast on the website of French Television France TV Slash.

The movie goes about the trials and tribulations of a single woman, Anouk, at the age where you think about getting pregnant even before you fall in love. So when a photo of a handsome brunette magically appears on Anouk's phone, her teenage gene takes over her personality. With the help of her best friend, Poca, she discovers that the handsome stranger lives in Barcelona. They follow fate and set out on a sleeper train to spend the weekend under the Spanish sun. She has the charming prince who keeps popping up on her cell phone, chance encounters in Barcelona, and one last suitor who keeps sending Anouk very toxic messages from Paris. She will have to make the right decision so that, this time, the Anouk stories end well.

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