Latin American documentary filmmakers at Women’s Film Festival


With the collaboration of Casa América Cataluñaa

On the 7th, 14th and 21st of May at the Girona Cinemas, the 29th Barcelona International Women’s Film Festival presents Latin American Documentalists, a selection of films directed by Ana Isabel Bustamante, Medhin Twole and María Álvarez. In this year's programming memory, identity and art are the fundamental issues. The three films are a sample of the richness, formal diversity and thematic courage of the non-fiction landscape in Latin America. During the screening, Ana Isabel Bustamante will be present and there will be a virtual conversation with Medhin Twole and María Álvarez.



  • Friday May 7. 19:30 h La asfixia by Ana Isabel Bustamante, Guatemala. 2018.
  • Friday May 14. 19:30 h. Negra by Medhin Twolde, Mexico, 2020.
  • Friday May 21. 19:30 h. El tiempo perdido by María Álvarez, Argentina, 2020.


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