'Las invisibles' shoots in Barcelona


A Paramount+ original series

Las invisibles narrates the story of a group of five women who face the conditions of working as maids in a hotel on the Mediterranean Coast. Leading the cast are Lolita Flores, María Pujalte, Yoshira Escárrega, Paula del Río, Paula Mirá, Elena Irureta and Yaël Belicha. The series is a creation of the screenwriter Héctor Lozano, also the creator of the successful Merlí series. Menna Fité direct. Both Lozano and Fite ho worked in the Merlí: Sapere Aude series. Both productions were filmed in Barcelona.

The labor injustices and the daily problems of their lives are the starting point of this dramedy that aims to bring visibility to the collective of maids. The series addresses universal issues through the fascinating histories of these women. They are people who don't give up in front of adversity. Las invisibles is a production of VIS, Paramount's international studies division, and the Spanish company Morena Films.



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