LAAB debate at L'Alternativa Professionales on November 14th


Editorial opportunities for the audiovisual sector

The LAAB (Laboratory of Audiovisual Adaptations of Barcelona) and l'Alternativa Professionals present a debate to discover the role that cinema plays based on literary adaptations in the different audiovisual content platforms, the producer's task versus the management of intellectual property, the talent that it generates for these platforms and the legitimizing function of the programmers of the film festivals for the sales of these productions. Can independent cinema also take advantage of these opportunities and find new ways to reach the public that until now had no access? 

We will be honoured with the presence of Núria Valls, producer of Nostromo Pictures who has produced films such as: Palm trees in the snow or The invisible guardian, both adaptations of books; Antonio Trashorras, filmmaker and currently project analyst at HBO Spain; Mònica García Massagué, director of Taboo'ks, an initiative of the Sitges Festival and Mario Madueño Cobo, promoter of the "Rodando páginas, los libros van a las pantallas". Joan Antoni Martín Piñol, writer, screenwriter, monologist, director and teacher of the script master of the Taller de guionistas will moderate. He was one of the participants of the first edition of LAAB with his book Sentinels.


The activity will take place within L’Alternativa Professionals on November 14th  at 6:30 p.m. in Classroom 2 of the CCCB (Carrer Montealegre, 5). Admission is free, but registration is required.

You can sign up here.


Participants information:

Núria Valls is responsible for the production of Nostromo Pictures, a company that has produced successful films based on novels such as Palm Trees in the Snow, Blackwood and the Baztán trilogy (The Invisible Guardian, Legacy in the Bones and Offering to the Storm).

Antonio Trashorras is Creative Executive Original Programming of HBO Spain. Screenwriter, director and executive producer of television and cinema, he has worked on series such as Perfect Life, Arde Madrid and Vergüenza or films such as The Devil's Backbone. He has been the content director of the Paramount Comedy channel and the production company Hill Valley, as well as director of the fiction area of ​​BocaBoca Producciones.

Mònica García Massagué is the director of Taboo'ks, an initiative of the Sitges Festival that wants to bring literature and fantastic cinema closer together. She has degree in Communication, Advertising and Public Relations and she is a writer also. She has worked for Catalan Films & TV, as head of festivals and communication. She is currently the general director of the Sitges Foundation, responsible for the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia.

Mario Madueño Cobo is the promoter of the "Rodando páginas, los libros van a las pantallas" initiative that has been held in Madrid for 2 years. Producer, founding partner of the production company Pantalla Partida (La herida) and president of AIC - Association of the Short Film Industry and AMA - Madrid Audiovisual Association.



Joan Antoni Martín Piñol is a writer, screenwriter, monologist, director, producer and script teacher. Specialized in children's and youth literature, he has published 30 books and with Sentinels (Joaquim Ruyra Award) he was selected in the first edition of LAAB.

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