Online colloquium on adaptations of books in the cinema

Within the parallel activities of the IV Barcelona-Sant Jordi International Film Festival (BCN Film Fest) that begins on June 25, we will hold this colloquium that is part of the activities of the Barcelona Audiovisual Adaptations Laboratory (LAAB). It will be on Tuesday, June 30 at 12:00 and in an online format through Zoom.

In this colloquium, with the title "Restarting the activity of cinema, exchange of rights, production, distribution and exhibition ... new habits? new paradigms?”, professionals from the film industry from different fields will share their experience in international markets on the negotiation of film adaptation rights for books to become films.

The consumption of fiction has risen in the confinement, this will have a translation in the market of hiring scripts, hiring rights for adaptations, film production. How will these new online paradigms, and the distribution and exhibition in cinemas affect festivals? Will changes in habits accelerate? Will new opportunities arise?


The table will count with the participation of:

  • Anna Soler-Pont, a literary agent of the Pontas agency.
  • Manuel Monzón, the executive producer responsible for films such as the Goya award for Best Film La Librería, by Isabel Coixet.
  • Lara Caminha, BTeam Distributor (The Bride, West of Rome, Enemy).
  • Sergio Barrejón, writer and screenwriter (The Cathedral of the Sea, Son of Cain).
  • Moderator: Conxita Casanovas, director of the BCN Film Fest.

The colloquium is free but prior registration is required here.

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