'L’home dels nassos' films in Barcelona


Abigail Schaaff's debut feature

Pablo Derqui and Ivan Benet are the protagonists of L'home dels nassos, which combines mythology and historical memory. Abigail Schaaff directs a movie for the first time. Mercè Llorens, Pep Munné, Maria Molins, Jeannine Mestre, Jorge Motos, Berner Maynes, and Malcolm McCarthy complete the cast, accompanied by the young actors Salli Diallo, Miranda Munné and Lluc Miravete.

The film is a period drama that combines adventure with fantasy. L'home dels nassos is a man visible only on December 31. He has as many noses as days of the year. The movie uses this mythological being to build a story that connects the 30s and the 60s and delves into the lies and silence imposed for decades.

L'home dels nassos is a co-production of Aguacate & Calabaza Films, Turanga Films, Lhome dels nassos AIE and Inaudita, in co-production with the French production company Halley Production.


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