Héctor Lozano shoots 'Bojos per Molière'


New series for TV3

Héctor Lozano, creator of Merlí, and the production company Veranda shoot this new series for the regional channel. It is an eight-part choral comedy-drama set in the world of theater, and it will premiere on TV3 during the first quarter of 2023.

The protagonists are Albert Salazar, Ferran Rull, Elisabet Casanovas, and Marc Balaguer. The action takes place in Barcelona in 1997. A city still experiencing the effects of the Olympic Games and has not been invaded by crowds of tourists. The protagonists are a group of young people between 18 and 25. They are beginning to study dramatic art at the Barcelona Theater Institute.

Bojos per Molière shoots in emblematic places of Barcelona as the Estación de Francia and the Teatre Grec.