Filming begins for ‘Buga Buga’


New series of 33

This new series, which will premiere in the fall, began shooting in Barcelona on Monday, July 20th. Love, sex, secrets, harassment, loneliness, breakups. These are some of the topics it will address. All through different characters who are in the laundry where they are going to wash their clothes.

Buga Buga was one of the winning projects of the call that made the channel 33 in the fiction section. Produces Avocados & Calabaza Films. This series consists of 6 episodes of 20 minutes with the direction of Alba Simón and Ana Millán and script of Alba Simón, Ana Millán and Eric Moral. Among the protagonists are Kathy Sey, Roser Tapias, Javier Beltrán, Vicenta Ndongo, Roger Batalla, Emma Arquillué, Laura Aubert and Pere Arquillué, among others.

Buga Buga wants to show another Barcelona, ​​it wants to be a look at the different realities of the people of the city, their personal problems, their conflicts, and their daily lives, through characters that we could be ourselves or someone we know.

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