The filming of ‘L’última nit del karaoke’ begins


New fiction series on TV3

Produced by El Terrat (The Mediapro Studio) and with the collaboration of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat, L’última nit del karaoke shoots on a large set built in the old Astoria cinema in Barcelona. For a few days this cinema has become Mr. Wang's Imperial Karaoke, a large Chinese-style karaoke restaurant with two floors and a few rooms where various groups meet to eat, drink and sing until they are speechless. There we will discover independent stories that will intersect during that night.

The series protagonists are Àlex Maruny, Roser Tapias, Sana Yumii, Alberto Jo Lee, Santi Pons, Artur Busquets, Elisabet Casanovas and many more that we will discover throughout the series. They all play a group of people with no apparent relationship that will end up creating extreme situations until Mr. Wang's Imperial Karaoke ends the night in flames, and not exactly by accident. Who started the fire? After this crazy night, there is no shortage of suspects. This is a series created by Pedro B. Abreu, together with Zebina Guerra and Carlos Franco; with the direction of Pedro B. Abreu, Serapi Soler and Oriol Pérez, and with a script by Abreu, Guerra, Franco, Carmen Marfà and Dani Amor.


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