The filming of ‘Citas Barcelona’ begins


Third season of the hit series Citas

The series directed by Pau Freixas will return as Citas Barcelona. Filmax produces the new chapters of the third season. We will be able to see them both on TV3 and its digital platforms, such as Prime Video, in 2023. Barcelona is the setting for the shooting that began on Sunday, October 16, and will last until December. There will be six chapters with encounters between various characters, some of whom you will already know from previous episodes.

Citas Barcelona has Pau Freixas and Èric Navarro as creative executive producers, and Pau Freixas, David Selvas, Paco Caballero, Patricia Font, and Carles Torrens directing. In this new installment, the cast will be Pablo Rivero, Manuela Vellés, Betsy Túrnez, Eduard Buch, Aida Oset, Ricard Sales, Jordi Llovet, Carlos Cuevas, Gonzalo de Castro, Carmen Machi, Belén Cuesta, Ivan Massagué, Laia Costa, Nausicaa Bonnín, Carolina Yuste, Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Aina Clotet, Ajay Kumar, Andrea Álvarez, Pol López, Pep Ambrós, Alejo Sauras, Albert Ausellé, David Verdaguer, Berta Castañé, Berta Bayarri, Joana Vilapuig, Vito Sanz, Eva Santaolaria, Antonio Hortelano, and Carmen Balagué.


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