The Film Series 'Palestina Batega' begins


From February 3 to 17, 2022

The Palestinian reality reaches several cinemas in Catalonia, including the Zumzeig and the Cercle film club in Barcelona, with the celebration of a new film cycle as part of the 'Palestina Batega' campaign. It is an initiative of the Catalan Association for Peace with the Catalan Federation of Film Clubs and Sodepau.

The films selected are 3000 Nights directed by Mai Masri, Ibrahim: A Fate to Define by Lina Al Abed, and Fedayin, Georges Abdallah’s Combat from Vacame(s) Films. And you can see them in seven cinemas from Barcelona to Reus, passing through Castellterçol, Sant Just Desvern, Olesa de Montserrat, and Sentmenat.

More information here. (in Spanish)

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