Do you want to know the locations of Killing Eve in Barcelona?


The third season visit our city

In September 2019, the intriguing assassin Villanelle visited our city. The protagonist of the successful HBO series Killing Eve settled in Barcelona during the third season. Killing Eve is more than a series of spies with two great characters, Eve Polastri played by Sandra Oh, a peculiar English MI6 agent, and Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer, a very particular assassin. Two women who will end up obsessing with each other. We follow the steps of these two women in our city in their endless persecution.




Chapter 1: "Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey"

At the beginning of the chapter, we see some views of the port and the cable car with the name of our city. Villanelle has moved to live in Barcelona. Here she meets her former mentor Dasha (played by Harriet Walter). She lives in Barcelona too. The interior of Dasha's house is not Barcelona, probably a studio in England and, the gym where Dasha works training girl gymnasts is not here either. It is the magic of cinema, where any place can be another place.



Also, the street in the city of Girona where Villanelle fulfills its first assignment is actually an alley in El Born in Barcelona. It is Mònec street that is between Sant Pere Més Alt and Sant Pere Mitjà streets. The spice shop where Villanelle goes to carry out her new commissioned murder is a set in England, even with the sign that appears in Catalan that says "Obert" (Open in Catalan). As a curiosity, Villanelle speaks in Catalan in this scene. So, if you want to hear her curious accent, you will have to see the original version.



Chapter 2: “Management Sucks”

At the beginning of the chapter, we see Villanelle walking down a street in the Gothic. It is Sant Pere Més Baix, between Llàstics street and La Sèquia street. Then we see her walking through Arc de Triomf on Paseo Lluís Companys.



And finally, we see the apartment where Villanelle lives in Barcelona. They are the Ramos Houses in Lesseps Square. It is a modernist building that is two buildings together that seem to be just one. That is why they also call it Casa Ramos in the singular. It is the same flat that Pedro Almodóvar used to shoot All About My Mother, where the parents of the character of Penélope Cruz in the film lived.



Later, Dasha and Villanelle have a drink on a terrace. It is the San Agustí Vell Square and, it is the terrace of the Joanet bar.



Chapter 3: "Meetings Have Biscuits"

Villanelle's next mission is in Granada, even though it is the Castell de Godmar in Badalona. There she masquerades as a piano tuner.

When she returns to Barcelona, she has an aperitif in the Barceloneta Square, is where Dasha throws the baby in the trash. It is the terrace of the Can Ganassa restaurant and, you can see the doorway of the parish of San Miquel del Port.


In this chapter, Villanelle meets Felix (played by Stefan Iancu), a boy whom he has to supervise. And they do it on the Paseo de las Drassanes in the Aiguadolç Nautical Port in Sitges. And when they go to the French Côte d'Azur and dress up as clowns to sneak into a girl's birthday party, they are in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, near Barcelona.


Chapter 4: "Still Got It"

In this episode, Villanelle walks the Paseo del Born with her purchases in hand, you know that she likes quality clothes. On her walk, she stops in front of a clothing store where Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) finds her. The store is between Vidreria street and Bonaire street. Later, the two have a very interesting conversation on the Barcelona Cable Car that goes from Montjüic Mountain to the port, we can see the Jaume I tower too. It is a location that was already in The reporter by Antonioni starring Jack Nicholson.



The pool where Dasha sunbathes and meets Hélène (Camille Cottin), her boss of the 12, in theory, is Barcelona, ​​but in reality, it is the Bazinul Dinamo pool in Bucharest.


In this chapter, Eve also travels to Barcelona in search of Dasha. The bowling alley where Dasha and Eve meet is not in Barcelona but London and, it is the Rowans Tenpin Bowl bowling alley in Finsbury Park. So, Sandra Oh didn't come to our city during this season's filming of Killing Eve. And that makes us really sad.


Photos: HBO


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