Do you know the locations of ‘The Innocent’ in Barcelona?


We follow the steps of the protagonists of the series

Oriol Paulo's first series for Netflix has already been released. The director regularly shoots in Barcelona, as he did with his films The Body, The Invisible Guest, Mirage, or the series Nit i dia on TV3 that he co-directed with Manuel Huerga. The Innocent is based on a novel by the American writer Harlan Coben and is largely shot in our city. We review the locations of the series in Barcelona. The people in charge of the locations have been Jordi Renom, Laia Farran and Néstor Pellegrini. The innocent is a fast-paced thriller starring Mario Casas and Aura Garrido, among others. Will you join us?



Episode 1

Each episode begins from the point of view of one of the characters. This explains the story of Mateo Vidal (Mario Casas), better known as Mat. His story begins in prison. During a fight at a nightclub, Mat accidentally kills a boy named Dani Vera (Eudald Font). And for that, he is sentenced to four years in prison. The Modelo prison is one of the locations of the series and for that reason, it is seen in many of its chapters, along with the old prison of Figueres. The cemetery that appears in this chapter is Montjuic.


Years later, Mat has been released from prison and has rebuilt his life. He is now a lawyer along with his brother Isma (Jordi Coll) and has met the woman of his life, Olivia Costa (Aura Garrido). The hospital where Olivia goes is the Diagonal Clinic (Avda. De Josep Tarradellas, 33). Mat accompanies Olivia to Terminal 1 of El Prat Airport as she has to go on a business trip to Berlin. Afterward, he returns by car through the rounds in Barcelona from Hospitalet. Mat has an appointment. He drives in front of the Olympic stadium where we can see the Calatrava tower in the background. He goes to the MNAC where he meets Dani's mother, Sonia (Ana Wagener).


You can see Mat driving through the city on Marina street towards the mountain, in the background you can see the towers of the Sagrada Familia. A client has called him and he is going to help her. Her name is Celia Abellán (Alzira Gómez) and they want to seize her apartment. At the door of the building, a car following him tries to run him over. And a man points a gun at him. The apartment is on Ausiàs March street, 46, and the exteriors are shot on the same street.
There is an aerial view of the city where you can see the Mapfre Tower and the Hotel Arts. The offices of Mat's law firm and his brother are in the Mapfre Tower. It is getting dark and Mat meets Sonia again to talk, they do it sitting on the benches in front of the MNAC. A night view of the city is seen from the Mirador del Palau Nacional.


Mat's sister's house is in Sant Cugat. It's the same urbanization where Mat and Olivia want to buy a house.


Episode 2

This episode begins with Inspector Lorena Ortiz (Alexandra Jiménez) who explains how she became a police officer. Her father was one before he died. You can see the Montjuic cemetery where they do the burial. Lorena investigates an alleged suicide case of a nun, María Luján (Juana Acosta), in a boarding school. There, she is reunited with the nun who raised her and who is now responsible for the boarding school, Sister Irene (Susi Sánchez).



The Santa Catarina boarding school where Lorena is going to study and where she investigates suicide, in reality, is a mix of different places. The exteriors are from the FEDAC HORTA - Santa Caterina De Siena school (Campoamor, 55) when Sister María is seen entering and leaving the building, but it is the Sant Pau Modernist campus when Lorena's mother takes her to the internship. While the interiors, such as the church, Sister Irene's office, the patio, or the corridors, are in Berga, in the Sant Francesc convent.

The police station where Inspector Ortiz works is actually in the SPEH School (Escoles Pies, 51) which is currently closed. Templum BCN (Entença, 113) is the gym where Ortiz trains in boxing and meets her boyfriend. In one scene it is seen how the inspector arrives to investigate a case under a bridge. They have found a body there. It's the bridge of the B-20 over the Besòs river in the direction of Santa Coloma.

In this chapter, there is a new aerial image of the city, in this case of the Eixample of Barcelona. In a flashback, we see María, the nun who has theoretically committed suicide, when she is at the Barcelona Zoo waiting for someone. First, we see her where the gorillas are, and then she enters the snake terrarium where a man follows her. The bar where she has a drink later at night is the Dry Martini (Aribau, 162).


The corpse of the nun is taken to the morgue in the Collserola funeral home where the coroner performs the autopsy. The corner where the man she met at the bar drops Maria is in Campoamor street, where the school is. She hides on the corner with Lloret de Mar street so he doesn't know where she lives. The TETCO cosmetic surgery clinic, where Inspector Ortiz goes to find out who owns the corpse's prostheses, is in Sant Just Desvern.

Later, the police stop a car in the street in search of the supposed murderer, since they believe that it has his fingerprints. This happens on Pantomima street with Joan Sales street, in Montbau.


Episode 3

This episode begins with the character of the nun María (Juana Acosta) explaining her life at the El Paraíso Club in Marbella, before arriving at the boarding school and becoming a nun.

Meanwhile, the inspector visits Roberto Aranda (Pedro Hernández), a prisoner who tells her about Mat's fight in prison. She visits him in the same place as Dani's parents visited Mat, a prison room. We also see several scenes of Mat in the prison such as the cells, the gallery, the dining room, the patio, and the fight with Romero (Toro), the prisoner who harasses him, in the gallery.

Inspector Ortiz visits Mat and Olivia at their home. When she leaves, we can see their portal, it's on Enric Giménez street (perhaps you can remember it from the Perfect Life series). Although they say that the apartment is in Horta, the exterior was shot in Sarrià.
The head of the UDE (Special Crimes Unit) arrives at the Sabadell Aerodrome to speak with the agents working on the case, Teo Aguilar (José Coronado) and Bruno Soto (Oriol Vila). We also see the apartment of Zoe (Anna Alarcón), the detective who helps Mat and works for his law firm. Her apartment is the CID Delta architecture studio (Sant Eusebi, 34).

Mat and Zoe go to meet Rodrigo Gallardo (Santi Pons) at the Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower hotel in Hospitalet (Gran Vía de las Corts Catalanes, 144).

Aguilar and Soto arrive at the bank Mundial Service at night. We see the outside when they arrive by car and then, the inside when they enter the building. It is currently a building of the Catalan Health Institute (G.V. Corts Catalanes, 587).

The police find Gallardo's car in an alley, they comment that it's in a disused industrial estate in the Zona Franca, but in reality, it is Bolivia Street in Pueblo Nuevo. We also see a tunnel near the Regency hotel through which Sáez (Xavi Sáez) flees, it is a level crossing for pedestrians that serves to cross under the C-31.

Episode 4

This chapter begins with the character of Ibai Sáez (Xavi Sáez) and explains his story. We can see the room of the Regency hotel, the corridors, the fire stairs where the protagonists flee. After the fight with Sáez at the hotel, Mat is taken to the hospital where he gets an MRI for his injuries. The police say that he is in the Clinic, but in reality, he is at the Althaia Foundation in Manresa. Ortiz calls from a gas station outside the hotel. Mat and Olivia take a taxi in front of a building when they leave the Hospital, it is actually in the Zona Franca in the Logistics Park.


Episode 5

This episode begins by explaining the story of Olivia (Aura Garrido). Here are locations that we have seen before such as the Barcelona Zoo, Terminal 1 of the Prat Airport where Mat takes her to go to Berlin, or the Regency hotel. Most of the locations belong to Olivia's previous life when she explained it to Mat, therefore they are not from Barcelona.


Episode 6

This episode explains the story of Teo Aguilar (José Coronado), the UDE agent investigating the case. In this chapter, we see Mat when he calls Sonia to ask for her help. He does it from a cabin under a highway bridge, it is on Paseo Santa Coloma, under the Santa Coloma de Gramenet bridge. Then we see how he goes to the airport to catch a plane.



Ortiz meets with the director of the prison Marc Recasens, a prison that does not exist, all the images of the prison belong to the Model of Barcelona and the old prison of Figueres. The polygon where Olivia leaves her car is under the Montjuic cemetery in the background and is on Cantunis street.


Episode 7

This episode explains the story of Kimmy Dale (Martina Gusmán). The caravan where Kimmy lives at the Marbella campsite is actually in Sitges, you can see the train passing by in one of the scenes at night. The interior of the Bumpers strip club where she works in Marbella is the Tango de Barcelona room (Diputación, 94).


Episode 8
This episode explains the story of Jaime Vera (Gonzalo de Castro), Dani's father. We return to see the prison where he is seen with Mat. Many scenes were shot in the house of Jaime Vera and his wife Sonia, who is actually in Mataró. Olivia picks up Paula (Aina Planas) at the North Station when she arrives by bus.


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