Do you have doubts about the application of the special plan to support the cultural fabric of Barcelona?


New help channel

The Institute of Culture activates a channel to resolve doubts about the application of the 10 extraordinary measures of the Shock Plan to support the cultural sector. This first package of measures, aimed at the sector to respond to the situation generated by COVID-19, is focused on supporting the cultural fabric of the city and helping to keep the sector alive in moments of exceptionality.

In total there are 10 measures that incorporate both the reprogramming of festivalss and programs promoted by the ICUB, as well as a package of aid to the different sectors that include direct aid via subsidy or direct purchase and exemption from fees and taxes, among others.


If you have questions about the following:

  • Extraordinary grants.
  • The reprogramming of canceled shows.
  • The reorganization of the calendar of major cultural events and music festivals.
  • The preview of part of the cache of a proposal included in some ICUB programming.
  • The purchase of books to increase the fund of the city's libraries.
  • The steps related to the celebration of literary festivals or San Jordi 2020.


More information here.

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