'Desmontando un elefante’ films in Barcelona


First feature by Aitor Echeverría

Emma Suárez and Natalia de Molina are the protagonists of this film, with Darío Grandinetti and Alba Guilera, among others. Desmontando un elefante is the debut of Aitor Echeverría.

The movie is the story of a family trapped in a sick daily life with the taboo of addiction as its protagonist: that elephant in the room that nobody wants to see. Emma Suárez and Natalia de Molina are mother and daughter, with a strong bond that unites them. At the same time, this bond separates them. The film delves into those invisible ties with our loved ones and those silent loyalties we must sometimes break in to move forward.

Aitor Echeverría and Pep Garrido are the authors of the script. Filming will take place over five weeks on location in Barcelona. Desmontando un elefante is an Arcadia Motion Pictures production in co-production with Pegaso Pictures AIE and Noodles Production (France) and will be released theatrically in 2024.