Official documents of the Generalitat

In the framework of the Strategic Plan of deconfinement by the COVID-19 approved by the Government of Catalonia, the Plan for the resumption of the Cultural Sector in relation to the audiovisual has been published. This plan describes, among others, the measures that affect the people who participate in audiovisual projects, as well as the spaces where productions take place.

At the same time, these sectoral plans serve as general criteria for local administrations to develop their deconfinement plans. The Generalitat's sectoral deconfinement plans are reviewed by a coordination team made up of the Departments of Health and Interior and by representatives from the local world. Before presenting them to the meetings of the Technical Committee of the PROCICAT plan for emergencies associated with transmissible diseases emerging with potentially high risk. And, once they have the approval of the Technical Committee, they are approved by the Management Committee of the same Plan.

All the sector deconfinement plans that have a report issued and approved so far by the Technical Committee and by the Steering Committee of the PROCICAT Plan are made public. You can check all the information here. (All information in Catalan)

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