Daniel Calparsoro shoots ‘Centauro’


A new thriller

Àlex Monner is the protagonist of Daniel Calparsoro's new project, based on the movie Burn Out directed by Yann Gozlan. The cast is completed by Begoña Vargas and Carlos Bardem, among others.

Rafa (Monner) is addicted to excitement and speed. He wants to become a professional motorcycle rider. Soon he discovers that the mother of his son is in debt to drug traffickers.

To keep his family safe, Rafa decides to work as a runner for the criminals who harass him. He will have a double life: day circuit pilot, reckless kamikaze at night. But he is soon forced to make decisions that will change his life forever.

Filming for Centauro began on October 26 in different locations in Spain and France. Barcelona has also been one of the chosen venues.

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