Dani de la Torre shoots 'Live is Life'


Barcelona is also the film's scenario

Although the filming of the new film by the Galician director began last August and mostly in locations in Galicia, especially in La Ribeira Sacra, part of it has also passed through Barcelona. Albert Espinosa is responsible for the script of this story about a group of five boys in the mid-eighties.

As every year for holidays, Rodri leaves Catalonia to go to the Galician town of his parents. There he reunites with his gang. However, this year is different as real-world problems begin to appear, threatening to tear them apart. So, the five friends plan to escape on Midsummer night in search of a magical flower that, according to legend, grows on top of a mountain and can make wishes come true. Their only desire now is to solve the problem of one of their friends. And with that, they will be able to continue together. The film will release in 2021.

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This month we interview Nicos Beatty, director and founder of the production company Soul Pictures and Amparo Villapún, production controller with over 25 years’ experience in the audiovisual sector. We talk with them about the position of controller and about the training courses for audiovisual professionals that the production company offers.


This year was an online event