The CoNCA opens an emergency channel aimed at culture professionals


For this crisis

The creation of an emergency channel for the Catalan cultural sector stems from the concern of the CoNCA (National Council for Culture and the Arts) due to the difficulties that the different agents of the cultural fabric must face in the coronavirus emergency situation.

The Cultural Emergency Channel is a personalized support service in the search for resources and information of interest to professionals in the culture sector.

Here you can see all the information.


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Casey Williams: "In film and tv, we are building characters and stories in much more depth for a viewer to get lost in, like you would with a book."

This month we interview Casey Williams, set decorator of HBO's Killing Eve. In this third season, She has worked in the locations of the series in our city, such as the Ramos House where Villanelle (Jodie Comer) lives. 

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