CFF sustainability and accessibility consultancies in June


Open to all festivals and film exhibitions (online)

To work in detail on the needs of film festivals and exhibitions, Catalunya Film Festivals offers consulting programs in environmental sustainability and accessibility. The consultancies will be based on the topics chosen by the participating festivals and have the following structure:

  • Training module: introductory session to consulting concepts
  • Analysis module: internal work session of the consulting team to work on the needs of each participant
  • Focus module: return session of the chosen topics that prioritize festivals by interest groups

In the environmental sustainability consultancy we will talk about carbon footprint, communication, sustainable suppliers, staff training and other topics that can be agreed upon with the consulting team. While, in the accessibility consultancy we will talk about communication, audiovisual accessibility, adapted sessions, facilities and access, staff and customer service and also other topics to be agreed upon.

The consultancies will be done during the month of June 2024 and all sessions will be online. You can register here for the Environmental Sustainability Consulting and here for the Accessibility Consulting. Consultations have a price of €50 for CFF members and €100 for non-members. Places reserved for festivals that have not previously done any CFF consulting, do not have accessibility/sustainability plans, or sustainability certifications.

The consultancies are carried out in collaboration with Inclús, Barcelona International Disability Film Festival, and K is for Knowledge.

Latest news

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This month we interviewed Raquel Díez Ventura, coordinator of the alliances, participation and volunteering area of ACAPPS (Catalan Association of Deaf People and their Families), who led the organization’s Apunts en Blanc project, and Andrea Amouzouvi, who has a degree in Psychology from the UNED and a master’s degree in Employment and the Labour Market from the UOC, and Eduard Folch, a graduate in Finance and Accounting from the URV. Both of them appear in the documentary Apunts en Blanc.

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