Cesc Gay shoots 'Historias para no contar' in Barcelona


A new film in the city after 'Sentimental'

The director's shootings are common in our city and he has already started his new film in Barcelona, the ninth of his career after Sentimental. Historias para no contar is an urban comedy that he has also written together with Tomás Aragay, a scriptwriter with whom he has already worked on films such as Kràmpack, En la ciudad, or the Félix series by Movistar +.

Historias para no contar is a film with five episodes, five stories full of humor, irony and those situations that you never want to explain. The protagonists are Antonio De la Torre, Maribel Verdú, José Coronado, Quim Gutiérrez, Belén Cuesta, Javier Rey, Verónica Echegui, Álex Brendemühl, María León, Chino Darín, Alejandra Onieva, Brays Efe, Alexandra Jiménez and Nora Navas. The film is a production of Imposible Films and Nocontarfilm with the participation of RTVE, Movistar + and TVC.

Photo: Quim Vives

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