The call for subsidies is underway to request aid for cultural projects affected by the health crisis


The ICUB will allocate 1.3 million euros that will finance up to 80% of the projects

On Monday, June 15, the period for submitting applications for the extraordinary call for subsidies promoted by the Barcelona Institute of Culture (ICUB) opens to alleviate the effects of the health crisis. These grants are framed in the measures of the crash plans recently promoted by the Barcelona City Council to support the cultural fabric of the city.

As a novelty, the Citizen Office of Culture, located on the ground floor of the Virreina palace, will support the call and offer information and advisory services to entities and associations that require it. The attention will be made in person and an appointment must be made through this form.

The purpose of this call is to subsidize the cultural projects of the city of the year 2020 affected by the situation of the sanitary crisis generated by the covid-19, as well as the new projects derived from these affectations, from the implementation of the first security measures adopted by public authorities and until December 31, 2020. For cultural projects affected, all those projects that have had to cancel all or part of their activity or that have been reprogrammed or reformulated.

The sum of the call is 1.3 million euros and establishes a maximum limit of 20,000 euros per project. The grant, both in the form of a million euros and in the 300,000 euros, will cover up to 80% of the project and the aids will be compatible.

In order to equitably welcome all the proposals and to be able to cover large and small cultural projects, the budget has been divided into billing sections.

  • TYPOLOGY 1. Projects with a total budget equal to or greater than € 100,000.00.
  • TYPOLOGY 2. Projects with a total budget between € 30,000.00 and € 99,999.00.
  • TYPOLOGY 3. Projects with a total budget equal to or less than € 29,999.00.

The criteria for distributing the subsidies will be the same as that of the usual general call published last January.


MODALITY A - Cultural projects of the city of the year 2020 affected by the situation of the sanitary crisis generated by COVID-19.

Live Arts Projects: Stable performing arts exhibition spaces such as theatre, dance, circus, and other live arts disciplines, as well as live music venues or independent spaces.

Cultural Trade Projects: Art galleries, bookstores and other cultural shops of special cultural and artistic relevance, with historical or heritage interest for the city that carry out tasks of cultural dissemination.

Exhibition projects in theatres; Movie theatres with 7 showrooms or less.

Festivals, cycles and projects of an artistic and cultural nature: festivals, cycles, shows and projects of an artistic and cultural nature from diverse cultural fields and disciplines.

Festive activities of popular or traditional culture: Shows, meetings, festive activities of popular or traditional culture.


MODALITY B. New projects derived from the health crisis situation generated by COVID-19.

New Context Actions: New programming adapted to the possibilities of current activities that consider the digital environment and social distance in its development.

Research: New lines of research that delve into processes of innovation and dissemination of various fields related to creation and cultural practices.

Laboratory: Modality intended to support citizen initiatives that, from the cultural sphere, respond to some of the challenges facing the city.

Social capital: Projects that are presented with the will of interaction between different entities with the will to create network and social capital through cultural practices.

Creation projects: projects of artists and creators in a state of pre-production, laboratory and research. Artistic productions are excluded.


Presentation of applications.

The deadline for submitting applications will be 15 business days from the day after the announcement is published. Any request submitted outside this period will not be admitted for processing.

The application forms can be downloaded from the Barcelona City Council's electronic office at this link.

Applications can also be completed and submitted through the electronic office of the City Council.

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