THE BFC returns to the Berlinale


The Barcelona Film Commission, present at the European Film Market

This February we traveled again to Berlin, to participate in the European Film Market and in several meetings of the EUFCN - European Film Commissions Network, which were held within the framework of the Berlinale.

One of the EUFCN talks was “Done Well or Done Wrong: Film Commissioners & Producers Share Their Experience,” moderated by commissioner Nevina Satta and producer Antoine Simkine. We also attended the first edition of the new event for Film Commissions of the Berlinale, EFM Landmark. One of the novelties of this year. Two days that hosted a whole series of activities specifically aimed at the work of the film commissions.

Another of the meetings was the "Books at Berlinale", organized in collaboration with the Frankfurt Book Fair. A meeting point to talk about book adaptations to the screen. As every year we have also answered all the doubts of the visitors to the festival about filming in our city.

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Barcelona in phase 1

Casey Williams: "In film and tv, we are building characters and stories in much more depth for a viewer to get lost in, like you would with a book."

This month we interview Casey Williams, set decorator of HBO's Killing Eve. In this third season, She has worked in the locations of the series in our city, such as the Ramos House where Villanelle (Jodie Comer) lives. 

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