Based on the play of the same name

Guillem Clua, the author of the successful play, is the showrunner of this television series that shoots in our city. Directed by Marta Pahissa and David M. Porras and produced by Minoría Absoluta for Netflix. The Smiley cast is headed by Miki Esparbé, Carlos Cuevas, Pepón Nieto, Meritxell Calvo, Giannina Fruttero, Eduardo Lloveras, Ruth Llopis and Ramon Pujol.

Álex (Carlos Cuevas) has just had a love disappointment. He is in love with a boy who has ghosted him after two weeks. And in an angry moment, He picks up the phone and prepares to ask for explanations with a voice message that will have the most unexpected consequences ... because he ends up sending it by mistake to Bruno (Miki Esparbé), whom he doesn't know at all. This innocent mistake is the first in a chain of events that will change the lives of Àlex and Bruno forever.


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XIII Award for Diversity in Audiovisual

Open call until September 20, 2022

DENIS DELESTRAC: "We could learn to dance together or rather to dance around him. Without getting in his way, without being in the wrong place when something happens and, above all, without trying to reproduce his work.".

This month we interview the director and producer Denis Delestrac, who has directed documentaries such as Freightened The Real Price of Shipping, Sand Wars and Banking Nature. In this interview we talk about his documentary on the famous photographer and storyteller McCurry, The Pursuit of Colour, which he also shot in our city.