Barcelona and Catalonia, shooting areas at The Location Guide


The Location Guide magazine refers to Catalonia and Barcelona, in an article published this month.

The Location Guide ensures that Catalonia has much to offer in terms of gastronomy, hospitality and local support. According to the publication, "Barcelona is the hub of production and a modern European metropolis where are the best specialists of the country."

The editor refers about spaces to accommodate filming, as the Castle of Sant Ferran de Figueres, dating from the eighteenth century. For example, this castle hosted the recording of the film Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, of Tom Tykwer (2006). The chronicle also points out that the province of Girona is well known and used by local producers but which is still unknown internationally and has much potential.

He also makes stops at various locations in Lleida, the Pyrenees, the Ebro Delta and Tarragona, ending in the Audiovisual Park of Catalonia, an old respiratory hospital converted into an audiovisual production base. In this link you can read the full report.

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