‘Uno para todos’ shoots in Barcelona


Starring David Verdaguer

On July 1st, begun the filming in our city of the film Uno para todos directed by David Ilundain, with a script by Valentina Viso and Coral Cruz, starring David Verdaguer. This is the second feature of the director after B de Bárcenas.

For six weeks, they will shoot in different locations of Catalonia and Aragon, between them Barcelona. With the participation of David Verdaguer, Clara Segura, Patricia López Arnáiz, Betsy Túrnez and Ana Labordeta. The cast is completed by a group of selected children's actors after an extensive and complete cast.

An interim professor assumes the task of being a tutor in a class in a town completely unknown to him. When he discovers that a sick student should integrate into the classroom, he finds himself with an even bigger problem: none of his classmates want him to return to class with them. The film will be released in 2020.

Foto: Lucía Faraig​

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