‘Un novio para mi mujer’ shoots in Barcelona


Belén Cuesta, Diego Martín and Hugo Silva, protagonists

Laura Mañá returns to shoot in Barcelona after the comedy Te quiero, imbécil. Un novio para mi mujer is her new film that she also writes with Pol Cortecans, scriptwriter for projects like Benvinguts a la família or Sé quién eres.

The three protagonists are Belén Cuesta, Diego Martín and Hugo Silva and the cast is completed by Joaquín Reyes, Eric Masip and Ángela Cervantes. The synopsis is this: Diego wants to separate from his wife, Lucia, but he doesn't know how to tell her. He's fed up with her neuroses and constant complaints about him, and he's long since lost the spark that made him fall in love. Unable to say it to her face, he turns to Cuervo Flores, a famous seducer "from the old days" who will try to make Lucia fall in love so that she is the one who ends her marriage.

The film is produced by Arcadia Motion Pictures and Athos Pictures, with the participation of Amazon Prime Video, which will release the film after its premiere in cinemas.

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