‘Perduts en el temps’ premieres second season


A docuseries also shot in Barcelona

In this season, the presenter and actress, Anna Bertran visits places that have been forgotten with time. Each episode is dedicated to a theme and to one or more different locations. The program reproduces the history of the spaces and the circumstances that marked their rise and fall. How? Visiting them, looking for photographs and documents of what they were like in their heyday, talking to neighbours, members of the old families who had lived, and local historians.

The series brings us closer to Catalan culture and heritage with a touch of humor thanks to the gags that the presenter stars in. We enter hidden spaces in Sabadell, Barcelona, or Badalona and we go to corners of the Penedès, Cervera, or Tarragona. There, we discover factories, farmhouses, stately homes, or even places where souls rest forever. Barcelona is the protagonist of several episodes. Anna has opened the doors of emblematic spaces created for the Barcelona exhibitions of 1888 or 1929. She met one of the most versatile Catalan artists. His family built a neoclassical temple in the middle of the city. She visited places closed to the public in the Barcelona prison and some farmhouse that was disused a long time ago. The series, produced by TVE-Catalunya with the collaboration of Minimal Films, airs on April 20th and has 13 chapters.

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