‘'Mamífera' films in Barcelona


Third film by director Liliana Torres

Liliana Torres directs Maria Rodríguez and Enric Auquer in this story of a woman who decides not to be a mother of her own free will, supported by her partner. While in Spain, the law that required three days of reflection before aborting was in force, Lola accidentally became pregnant. The film explains how Lola lives these three days in which. She wants to abort but will face all kinds of questions. The film shoots in various locations in Barcelona.

Mamífera is produced in Catalan by Distinto Films (Miriam Porté) and Edna Cinema (Carla Sospedra) with the co-production of TV3, the participation of RTVE, and the support of ICAA, ICEC, and the Europa Creativa MEDIA program. Filmax will distribute it in theaters in 2024.


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