‘Com si fos ahir’ shoots the fifth season


The TV3 series

Com si fos ahir premiered its fifth season at the end of August and continues to shoot it in Barcelona, after the summer break. Autumn arrives with new plots and returns from the past.

At the end of the fourth season, the series left viewers with a doubt: Are Miquel and Noe separated? The new season will show plots such as Cati's new business as a businesswoman organizing events, the reconciliation of Eva and Litus, and the new relationship between Jordi and Gina. Eulàlia will also appear again, who scammed Iván and Sílvia in the previous season.

This fall, new characters are also incorporated, such as a driving school teacher named Toni (David Vert), who will complicate Gemma's life, and a new Burger worker, Adam (Salvador Oliva).

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