‘The Diplomat’ shoots in Barcelona


New tv series by Alibi’s UKTV

The filming for Alibi's new UKTV Original drama has begun in Barcelona and sees Sophie Rundle take the lead as Laura Simmonds. The series produced by World Productions, part of ITV Studios, has Fresco Film as a service. The cast also includes Danny Sapani as Colin Sutherland, Steven Cree as Sam Henderson, and Serena Manteghi as Alba Ortiz. In addition, Isak Férriz as Inspector Castells and Laia Costa as Mariana Cabell join the cast. The Diplomat is directed by Jill Robertson.

The Diplomat follows Laura Simmonds (Rundle) and her Barcelona Consul colleague and friend Alba Ortiz (Manteghi) as they fight to protect British nationals who find themselves in trouble in the Catalan city. The series opens with the unexplained death of a young British barman working on a yacht in Barcelona's notorious marina. While the Spanish police believe that the death was a tragic accident, Laura supports the boy's grieving father, Colin (Sapani) who is convinced something more sinister took place that night. As new evidence emerges and a murder inquiry is opened, Laura and Alba find links between the barman's death, organized crime, and the British security services. Laura's quest for justice places her in real jeopardy, as she threatens to expose secrets that the British and Spanish will go to any lengths to keep hidden.


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