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Updated: 10/01/2015

La Pobla de Segur
25500 La Pobla de Segur



Sònia Ortiz

Oficina de Turisme de la Pobla de Segur

+34 973 68 02 57

La Pobla de Segur enjoys a large variety of ecosystems and exceptional biodiversity, particularly the Collegats Massif and Sant Antoni reservoir. You can observe lammergeiers, egyptian vultures and griffon vultures in flight, as well as water birds, or walk in the very well preserved woods of nativ pine, holm oak and box. It has a wide variety of environments: fast-flowing rivers, stretches of peaceful water and deep ravines and gorges. The most important sites in the municipality are Alcalde Boixareu Park and El Vernedot, an example of riverbank vegetation.