Mine Archaeological Park of Gavà

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Updated: 10/03/2019

Carrer de Jaume I, 7
08850 Gavà



Susana Lecha / Cecilia Catalán
Premsa i Comunicació
+34 932 639 115 / +34 932 639 113
slecha@gava.cat / ccatalan@gava.cat

The Archaeological Park, a building designed by the architect Daniel Freixes, protects the oldest gallery mines in Europe, declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest.

The park allows us to relive the experience of investigating what life was like 6,000 years ago, contemplating the access of various mine entrances and taking a free tour of a reproduced mine, adapted to all audiences, which offers an unprecedented image of the site.

The lobby is chaired by a garden with the plant species that populated the area during the Neolithic period.